Excerpt: Gifts of Unknown Things

Ganga speaks slowly.  Where should he begin?  His words could mean life or death to everything they had worked so hard to save.  Tell the truth?   “Captain Vela, Earth suffered great loss and tragedy.  The earthling governments blew themselves up with nuclear missiles.  The primordial gods took action, and gathered the remaining life forms and placed them underground, underwater and deep into the recesses of mountains.  Pockets of life exist far from the polluted planet.

We tapped into our godly powers, and out of necessity.  invented new power sources to produce food and water and purify the air. A new innovative order evolved.  Life exists underground Earth and is flourishing.”

Captain Vela appears interested.  Never had a primitive software planet program reacted in such a way as to save itself when its path specified, self destruct.  Now is not the time, unfortunately,  to explore.  Captain Vela must find the key to reboot Earth or destroy it.

Ganga can feel Captain Vela’s angst.  “The book you are looking for is here in the pyramid.  In the hands of its protector, the god Helios.   Helios is waiting for Gaia, Mother Earth, to return with the key.  The key will open the chapter with the default setting needed to re-boot Earth.  We have been informed she is on her way, and is traveling through the portal from the star Cassiopeia.”

Captain Vela needs to make sure Ganga understands the severity of the situation.  “Ganga listen closely.  If Mother Earth does not get here within forty lightrons and reboot the planet post-haste, the USGF will blow up Earth.  The PFP that made Earth is a primitive program designed with natural selection at its core.  When the gods stepped in and saved Earths inhabitants it changed Earths gravitational pull, and over time Earths rotation went off course and now is set to flip poles.  Not even our smartest scientists can predict what will happen if that occurred?”

Ganga is speechless.  Captain Vela pulls up a chair and help Ganga off his feet.  “All is not lost we have the resources to rescue many of the lifeforms, but there is another variable.  On the way toward Earth is a ruthless fleet of space pirates called the Venum Culturians.  They are considered the most ruthless scavengers of the galaxy.  The USGF fleet do not have enough power supply to carry out a rescue mission on Earth and go to battle with the VenomCulurians .  It is either or.”

Ganga pulls out a rolled paper object from his pocket. He lights one end and takes a long pull.  A sweet aroma floats in the air.  “I sure hope Mother Earth gets here, and quick.